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Brothers Lake is owned and run by life long angler Lee and his family. The lake is situated in the beautiful Limousin countryside in the central west region of France. Famous for its blue and white porcelain, the city of Limoges is just thirty minutes away. The surrounding area has plenty of sights to see and things to do, if you can prise yourself away from the carp fishing for long enough. 

Situated in the Haute-Vienne department, the weather is warm for much of the year and can experience long hot summers on a regular basis. Perfect for a week of carp fishing in France! The lake itself lies in a conservation area and relies solely on an off grid supply. 

The emphasis at Brothers Lake has been on developing a fantastic looking stock of carp in a fantastic little venue, catering more for the seasoned carp angler than the holiday maker. The facilities on offer though basic are fantastic and far from rustic.

If you like dinner cooked for you, WiFi in your swim and Sky TV when you go fishing, this may not be the venue for you. If on the other hand you enjoy fishing small intimate venues where a little thinking and a bit of stealth makes all the difference, then there are some truly stunning looking carp to fish for. 

The lake also attracts a plethora of birds and wildlife to keep the nature lovers content. Amongst the species you may see are wild boar, deer, pine martins, red squirrels, ospreys and Montagu's Harriers to name but a few. 

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