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Brothers Lake relies solely on an off grid system to provide anglers with basic but ample facilities for use during their stay. Solar panels provide power to the cabin for a bait fridge, lighting and USB charging point for mobile phones or tablets. There is also a toilet, hand basin and hot shower heated by a gas boiler.

The taps are operated by push button design fittings which prevent them being accidentally left running. The lighting is also set up on movement sensors to avoid lights being left on and draining the power.

There is no drinking water at the lake however we provide every angler with five litres of bottled water on arrival so that you have some to start your week. The nearest shops to buy more bottled water from are less than ten minutes away in the local town. There is an outside social seating and BBQ area in front of the cabin for your use. You may also park on this gravelled area, especially if it's wet during your stay. Vehicles cannot be driven around the lake, however there are two wheelbarrows available to help get your carp fishing kit to your chosen swim.

The local town is ten minutes away and has everything you will need. There are two large supermarkets both with fuel stations and a further two or three smaller convenience stores. The town also has two or three bar tabacs and plenty of smaller shops such as bakeries and butchers shops. Should you need it there is also a pharmacy and hospital in the town centre.

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