The lake is stocked with 150 carp; 117 of these are mirrors with the remaining 33 being commons. We have worked tirelessly to source and grow on some truly stunning looking fully scaled, heavily scaled and linear mirrors. Each and every fish stocked has been hand selected from thousands, and from numerous sources, with the majority being stocked at just a few pounds in weight.

By approaching the stocking in this way we have been able to grow on a very varied and unique looking stock of healthy young carp, in an effort to provide anglers with a head of fish unlike any other small water carp lake in France.

Brothers Lake is not a runs water and instead, has been carefully stocked to ensure the fish continue to steadily increase in size without the biomass becoming too large and necessitating the use of unsightly aerators to supplement their oxygen intake.

The lake record currently stands at 65lb 4oz. This fish was stocked in January 2015 at 25lb. The fish are still growing well with average growth rates of around 4lbs per year although some fish continue to do 7-8lbs per year.

The bulk of the stock currently weighs between 20lbs and 50lbs but with our ongoing programme of introducing a few babies every two to three years, this carp lake will always include a few fish under 10lbs in an effort to keep fish coming through for the future.