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Our rules are incredibly important for the welfare of our unique stock, and our carp lake. Each angler will be required to read and sign a copy upon booking. Please be aware there are no second chances or warnings. If any member of your booking breaks the rules, we reserve the right to terminate your carp fishing holiday for the whole group with no compensation or refund. 

Fishing Rules

  • MAXIMUM of three rods per angler.

  • No braid (except for marker and spod rods).

  • No leaders of ANY description, no knots in main line.

  • No leadcore.

  • No plastic baits of any description.

  • Anti tangle tubing MUST BE USED. A minimum of 18 in (45 cm) has to be used on all rods. As we have so many fully and heavily scaled mirrors, this helps to prevent their scales from being lifted.

  • No bait boats, rowing boats or any inflatables.

  • Microbarbed hooks ONLY.

  • No bent hooks.

  • Semi fixed lead setups only, lead must drop easily (each angler will be checked during your stay).

  • No shelf life boilies, fresh freezer baits only.

  • No pellets or nuts. You may use small particles if prepared correctly (MAX 10KG PER ANGLER) . Our pellets can be bought at the lake, do not bring your own. Pellets are not included in your 10KG particle allowance.

  • Carp care antiseptic must be carried by every angler. We prefer the use of NT Labs Propolis. 

  • You can stalk if you wish with ONE rod, however do not damage bank side vegetation in the process and other rods in your swim
    MUST be wound in.

  • No fishing areas: you may not fish from the dam wall bank or behind any roped off areas.

  • No sacking of fish. You may keep fish in a retainer for a MAXIMUM of TEN minutes to prepare weighing and camera equipment.

  • DO NOT MOVE FISH FROM THE GRAVELLED SWIM AREA. All weighing and photography must be done within the confines of the swim, alternatively in the water. We will not tolerate fish being carried or moved around up the bank for any reason.

  • All fish over 40lb MUST be weighed and photographed in the water. Please bring waders with you.

  • No rods to be left unattended.

  • Minimum 42" landing net. MUST BE 100% DRY. Do not bring wet nets onto the fishery.

  • ZIG rigs are now banned altogether.

  • Maggots are banned.

General Rules

  • Please do not arrive before 1pm on the day of arrival. You must be off site at 10am on the day of departure. If you are early you are not permitted to wait at the gate as you will block the track for the farmers. If you are due to arrive before 1pm there are facilities in the local town.

  • Bivvies/shelters must be erected on the gravel in each swim and not on the grass.

  • No drugs; alcohol in moderation.

  • NO GLASS BEER BOTTLES. All beer should be in cans; only wine bottles and cooking sauces etc. are acceptable in glass. This is due
    to the strict recycling rules and the fact we don't benefit from refuse collection.

  • Do NOT leave litter or food waste in your swim, this includes cigarette butts. Please use an ashtray and then discard in the bin.

  • No fires whatsoever. BBQ only in the social gravel area in front of the cabin not in swims.

  • No using the banks or surrounding land as a lavatory

  • OTTER GATE - DO NOT LEAVE IT OPEN, EVER! Shut gates at all times. Never leave the gate open or unlocked, even for short periods.

  • Please keep the facilities clean during your stay, and as you found them on arrival.

  • Please respect the locals and drive slowly down the track to and from the lake.

  • No dogs.

  • Failure to comply with the rules after signing a copy to confirm you understand them will result in the loss of your security/breakages deposit.

  • A 50€ deposit per person is payable on arrival in case of breakages of facilities, equipment or rules.

  • Our mats and slings must be returned at the end of your stay to where you collected them before deposits are returned.

Refuse and Recycling

There are three different bins provided.

  • Bin 1: GLASS CANS/TINS (please crush cans down).

  • Bin 2: PLASTIC BOTTLES/CONTAINERS CARDBOARD (please crush plastic bottles down).

  • Bin 3: GENERAL/FOOD WASTE IN BIN LINERSDo not put waste into bin 3 without a bin liner.

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