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Brothers Lake is situated in central west France, nestled in the rolling hills of the Limousin countryside. There are various routes and ferry ports that can be used to reach us, and the cost of the ferry and motorway tolls varies between each route. Travel times are approximate and depend on the route you choose to take:


Calais ferry



Le Havre



7 hrs 15 mins

7 hrs

6 hrs 15 mins

6 hrs

5 hrs

The cheapest route from Calais is listed below. The approximate toll cost for this route is 22€ for a car, one way:

  • Calais

  • A16 towards Abbeville 

  • A28 towards Rouen

  • A13 towards Paris

  • A154 towards Evreux

  • N154 towards Dreux

  • N154 towards Chartes

  • N154/A10 towards Orleans

  • A71 towards Vierzon

  • A20 towards Chateauroux/Limoges

  • N520 towards Angouleme

  • N141 towards Angouleme/Saint Junien

Quicker routes can be found through Paris, or by taking the A28 from Rouen to Le Mans and Tours, however these routes can cost more in toll charges. 

Plan your own route using the Via Michelin route planner, which allows you to calculate your total journey time and estimated cost. You can also calculate estimated toll charges using

Ferries can be booked through P&O or DFDS Seaways and or alternatively, use the Eurotunnel to cross the Channel in 35 minutes. All three companies also accept Tesco Clubcard Reward Vouchers.

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