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We are pleased to announce that we will continue to offer our customers high quality fresh frozen bait from the awesome Trent Baits range. The carp in Brothers Lake have seen plenty of Trent Baits over the last few years and one bait that has stood out above all the others is their fantastic Freshwater Shrimp.

'When we originally put this mix together it was with the big weedy naturally rich waters at the front of our minds. The type of waters where the fish certainly did not need to eat bait to survive and grow big. We needed a bait with a real natural profile to compete with the abundance of natural foods found in these super rich waters and it was on this basis that the 'Shrimp' was born. Although formulated and tested on some of the UK's notoriously difficult big pits the shrimp has proven to be equally effective on today's highly pressured smaller venues. The 'Shrimps' all round effectiveness has led to it being widely regarded as the ultimate modern Carp boilies.'

We supply a specially formulated bait based on Trent Baits Shrimp. Rolled only for us, Brothers Lake Specials 'BLS' can be ordered in 5kg bags at 50€ per bag. All bait is supplied in 16mm size. All boilies MUST be ordered before your holiday. You will be sent a boilie order form eight weeks before your holiday date.



We also supply some of the highest quality pellets available. Alltech Coppens have been leading the way in fish feeds for many years and we have total confidence in their carp feed diets. Our carp have been fed Alltech Coppens feeds for the last four years and continue to benefit from their supplemented feeding programme.

We keep a good stock of these carp pellets on site and sell the very same feed to our customers. Pellets can be bought in 6kg buckets at a very fair price. There is no need to pre order your pellets.

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