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Brothers Lake was dug in the 1950's and covers an area of 5.5 acres. We purchased the lake in 2014 with the intention of creating a unique and intimate carp fishing venue. We opened for our first full season in 2019. Not opening the lake for the first four years has enabled us to grow on our fish in a safe environment, with no stress from angling while we developed the lake and facilities.

The lake bed is composed of clay and sand, with a few areas of silt and no snags. Depths range from a couple of feet at the inlet end to around twelve feet at the dam end. The banks have been planted with a great variety of trees, shrubs and wild flowers including Willows, Birches, Common and Italian Alders, Pines, Broom, Iris and Purple-loosestrife. A natural spring which runs year round feeds the lake via a stream, providing a good, constant supply of quality water.

We have five swims to choose from, so even with the maximum of four anglers present there is always a swim free to move to. Each swim is large enough for a bivvy, rods and an unhooking mat, making life easy for the angler.

For those who angle stealthily, the fish can be caught from just a few feet off the bank, especially during the hours of darkness. 

There are no nuisance species and the crayfish will pose little or no problems while you enjoy your week of carp fishing in France. 

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